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We no longer manufacture suppressors



The Revolutionary baffle systems were engineered to
provide our customers with suppressors that could be
employed in the widest range of uses possible. Whether
it be hunting, long range precision, semi-auto
applications, or just having fun, a Revolutionary

Suppressor is the tool for the job.

All of our suppressors are fully user serviceable. The end user can take off the caps with simple hand tool, so you don't need to keep up with any special wrenches or single purpose tooling. This provides you not only with the ability to clean it but also, if applicable to your model, the option to swap to a different thread pitch mount cap to increase the versatility of your suppressor.



About Us

We deliver on a basic motto passed down in our family, a promise in every suppressor we build, "Just work hard and don't give up."


We believe that the best solutions are found in simplicity and it's something that rings true for each product we create.


No sales pitch, no gimmicks, just a team of folks united in their passion for shooting with a desire to take that to a new frontier.

Keith Blair




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